Capital Build Task Force


The Capital Build Task Force aims to function as a (1) leader and catalyst for plans, strategies, programs and services that promote a favorable business climate, (2) and improve the quality of life, and support the orderly growth, development and revitalization of the Nation’s Capital – on both sides of the Ottawa River.

The first five priorities we identified, and sanctioned by the Directors of the Board of Trade are:

  • The redevelopment of LeBreton Flats;
  • The revitalization of the Byward Market;
  • The establishment of an LRT connection between Ottawa and Gatineau;
  • The removal of any prohibitions to establishing federal employment nodes in East Ottawa; and
  • The development of a new Ottawa Hospital campus.

Striving for Sector Representation

The Capital Build Task Force strives to represent the following sectors: Management Consultants, Law, Media, Labour, First Nations, Other Chambers of Commerce, Health, Technology, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, and Tourism and Hospitality.

Who We Are

The Capital Build Task Force is comprised of committed volunteers focused on successful ‘city-building’ in the National Capital Region. The Task Force strives to represent as many sectors of society as possible in both the public and private sectors.


Committee Membership

Action Plan

With the redevelopment underway for the Ottawa west side including the Innovation Centre, Chaudière Falls, the Zibi development, Gatineau, LeBreton Flats, the LRT, the Ottawa Public Library, etc., the Ottawa Board of Trade is working to engage community leaders and members in a series of activities that back partners including the City of Ottawa, the City of Gatineau, the NCC, and the public and private sectors who will move the following important initiatives forward.

To expedite the efficient and effective implementation of the Task Force’s five priorities, the work on each priority will be anchored by:

  • Polling and/or Research
  • Preparation and distribution of position statements
  • Ongoing outreach and support to all relevant stakeholders
  • Proactive government relations and political mapping at the municipal, provincial and federal levels
  • Proactive Media relations

News Room

May 15, 2018

Business Leaders Urge Redevelopment of a New Capital City
— Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Announce  ‘Capital Build Task Force’

OTTAWA – The Capital Build Task Force,  a new task force announced today by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce will bring its collective support and guidance to encourage Ottawa on a course of transformational growth.

Specifically, the Task Force has five priorities for city-building initiatives :  1) the expedited and steady redevelopment of LeBreton Flats, 2) the re-establishment of a train between Ottawa and Gatineau, 3) a timely redevelopment plan for new Civic Hospital, 4) a new vision and strategy for a revitalized Byward Market, and 5) a judicious balance of federal employment in the bedroom community of Orleans.

“With the completion of the Ottawa LRT now set for 2023, the National Capital Region is set to be connected from Orleans to Kanata, from Barrhaven to Gatineau,” said Doug McLarty, Chair of the Capital Build Task Force, and partner in MNP’s Ottawa office. “We have only to look at the successful programming of the 2017 Grey Cup — the recent Amazon bid, the Outdoor Classic and Canada 150 — to see how well the City works when it connects on great initiatives. Ottawa is more powerful when we work together.”

Announced this afternoon at 5:30 pm at the Ottawa Innovation Centre, the Capital Build Task Force has enlisted business and community leaders from all sectors in Ottawa and Gatineau to fully back the City of Ottawa, the City of Gatineau, the National Capital Commission, and private industry who will work together to bring LeBreton Flats, the next phase of the LRT, the new Civic Hospital, the renewed Byward Market and more federal employment in the east end of Ottawa.

The Capital Build Task Force will focus its efforts on city-building and help pave the way through our collective energy and experience,” added Co-Chair Mr. McLarty.  “We want to make the Nation’s Capital a thriving smart city, with our great neighbours of Gatineau across the river.  We want this city to be a place where the next generation has a reason to stay, and where families will want to live, work and play. The timing to gather our forces could not be better.”

— Ottawa is more powerful together.

For Immediate Release

Jun 27, 2018

Capital Build Task Force: New Byward Market Strategy Should Improve Safety and Accessibility for Visitors

OTTAWA – The new Byward Market strategy proposed today to Ottawa City Council is a giant step forward, but the issues of personal safety and accessibility should be addressed as immediate priorities.  The reaction comes from the newly established Capital Build Task Force, a sub-committee of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.

“In its preliminary planning meeting last Thursday at Shopify Head Office, the Task Force determined that a priority should be placed on the safety of visitors and employees in the Byward Market walking around, sitting or working in restaurants and shops,” said Doug McLarty, co-chair of the Capital Build Task Force. “One out of six people in the National Capital Region has a disability which makes going to the Byward Market impossible for them, their friends and families. That is a significant number of visitors and employees not able to participate in what the current Byward Market has to offer.”

The Task Force applauded the efforts of Peter Hume and his committee in their recommendations of a Municipal Corporate Structure to oversee the operations of the Parkdale and Byward markets, the inclusion of local produce and products, pedestrian pathways and new, modern infrastructure.

“For the many people with a variety of disabilities, the fear of not being able to navigate busy, cluttered and visually-oriented environments is a major barrier to participation in Byward Market life,” added Mr. McLarty. “That includes going to the shops, going for a walk along the streets, going to work, looking for work, or simply socialising. Accessibility and safety standards need to be addressed at this early stage of planning and design.”

The Capital Build Task Force, which was struck in May, hopes to function as the (1) leader and catalyst for plans, strategies, programs and services that promote a favorable business climate, (2) and improve the quality of life, and support the orderly growth, development and revitalization of the Nation’s Capital – on both sides of the Ottawa River.

The five priorities for the Task Force are to expedite the efficient and effective:

  • Redevelopment of the Byward Market;
  • Redevelopment of LeBreton Flats;
  • Establishment of a train between Ottawa and Gatineau;
  • Establishment of a federal employment node in Orleans; and
  • Redevelopment of the Ottawa Civic Hospital.