Ottawa,  November 28, 2018: As the recognized voice of business in the National Capital Region, the Ottawa Board of Trade represents a strong and diverse group of businesses, from all industries and sectors, and is recognized as a key economic development stakeholder. Amongst our various core principles, we believe that an innovative, collaborative and cooperative community is also a prosperous community, and that prosperity benefits all residents of our Nation’s Capital.

Similar to other stakeholders in Ottawa, we are dismayed and disappointed that the plan to redevelop LeBreton Flats appears to have hit a standstill. We know that such a project, involving numerous proponents and stakeholders, can be immensely challenging. This project is massive in terms of its complexity as well as its planning and capital requirements – and will surely be transformative for our region over the next quarter century. Notwithstanding the inherent risks, we believe that the short and long-term rewards associated with this compelling opportunity to develop LeBreton Flats can outweigh the potential risks.

Like the re-development of Lansdowne Park and the building of the LRT, the development of LeBreton Flats gives credence and weight to the new level of confidence that has captured the imagination of Ottawa’s residents, from citizens and elected officials to community organizations and businesses. We are a community that is collaboratively and boldly entering into a new era, and the development of LeBreton Flats has already been determined to be a key component. It must proceed to become the jewel we all know it can be.

We are very fortunate to have visionary city builders in both the private and public sectors who want to build the most dynamic capital city in the world. Consistent with building a modern G7 Capital is the need to ensure that certainty is the basis for future planning and investment decisions.

With a proposed initial economic impact of over $5 billion, 22,000+ jobs created and close to $800 million in tax revenue – LeBreton Flats represents a high economic impact project that will continue to contribute to Ottawa for generations. Because of its importance, we are enthusiastic to hear that the National Capital Commission (NCC) and the Government of Canada have publicly committed to proceeding with this redevelopment.  We continue to call for their strong support, including the City of Ottawa, to take all necessary steps in order to bring this legacy project to fruition.

At the Ottawa Board of Trade, we know that great cities are not built by individuals, but rather by communities and by the leaders and organizations that help to guide these communities. As the voice of Ottawa business, we will continue to engage and mobilize from an advocacy perspective to see the LeBreton Flats project succeed.